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It¡¯s great for us to have opportunity of supporting you regarding Panagene¡¯s technologies and products.
You can send any inquiries to Panagene. Panagene will faithfully answer to your inquiries within 48 hours.
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Panagene Inc.
54, Techno 10-ro Yuseong-gu
Daejeon, Korea

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  E-mail : info@panagene.com
Tel : +82-42-861-9296
Fax : +82-42-861-9297
  E-mail : order@panagene.com
Tel : +82-42-861-9296
Fax : +82-42-861-9297
  E-mail : tech@panagene.com
Tel : +82-42-861-9296
Fax : +82-42-861-9297
For you convenience, you can also enjoy Panagene¡¯s services through distributor in your country.
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